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Our solar install was really three projects in one and any of them could really be done without any of the others.


This was the main project, but this was something we could have just added to our Oliver as-is without replacing any of the existing things or doing either of the other two projects.


Replaced the existing charger and gave us an inverter which allowed us to go the full week at Burning Man without starting our generator or unreeling the shore power plug.

It did require that we replace the battery cables with much larger ones, and even the 4/0 cables we got turned out to be too small!

It should (I haven't gotten the batteries low enough to try) allow us to bring the batteries from 50% to over 80% in under 10 minutes of generator time.


Were a replacement of the original batteries which came with our trailer and I wasn't sure of the health of and wouldn't really provide the power I was looking for to the inverter I chose.

The battery project is still somewhat ongoing because we had to cut the top out of the battery box to make them fit and are still trying to figure out how to fix that properly.

main page > Mods > Solar

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